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ha i was just thinking of this today.... I think i'll just use the color pad feature on my pc.
in wisconsin you can get them at the local fancier grocery store or the cake place....
I will never do a cake for free.... I used to and people just took advantage. I make them buy the supplies and then it isn't so bad.
i am actually getting back into it after taking a break. I wasn't even getting asked all that much. Sometimes i get so into things and i really over do it. I had an excuse. I got pregnant and the thought of cakes made me ill... Just tell them youve got other stuff on your plate.
hmmm i will have to look> I was thinking i could make mini poured choco ones....
OH Sorry! Good Luck and Post the picture when your done : )
i haven't worked with fondant. Doesn't it just peel off? You would just have to carve through the layer of fondant.
you could even do piping with the different wiggles colors.....
what about cutting the sides off and just doing buttercream?
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