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Re wrap them? Do you wrap in saran wrap and let them thaw completely? Tightly or just enough so they don't dry out?
My cake teacher told us that once a cake is iced, it'll stay fresh for 3 days. Personally, it makes me nervous to have them sitting around the house after they are decorated. I like to bake and decorate the day before it's due, but then I've not done many complicated cakes.
If I were that dad and this couple ends up divorced, I'd want a refund! OMG!! That is ridiculous!
I wish I had some advice! I'm sorry things aren't going your way! There's no way you can use a stiffer recipe and try again? How involved is the decorating?
Now that you mention it, I don't have a clue about mine either! that was 10 years ago. Mom saved the top tier for us, which was gross after being in the freezer for a year. But the cake, food, reception clean-up was the last thing on my mind. I was ready for my honeymoon!!
Sorry that happened! You do great work though!
I know this works for buttercream. It may for fondant too. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on the bottom cake just where the top cake will be sitting on it. It should be enough to keep it from sticking. I assume teh top tier has a wrapped board and is doweled.
Afraid it's gonna fall and actually falling are 2 separate things! No refund necessary!
Last year on my birthday, I kept waiting for DH to at least *say* Happy Birthday. Nothing. I never expect a gift from him, but a card would be nice. My mom was up for my birthday and we all went out to supper that night. All day had gone by without any acknowledgment from DH but then he heard my mom tell the waiter it was my birthday and he looked so sorry he had forgotten. Now you'd think after forgetting most years about my birthday, he'd try harder the next year,...
I had a MOB call and ask to set up a tasting. She said she'd let me know when her daughter was going to be back in town. I called her back, can't remember why now and she said she still hadn't heard from her daughter and she'd get back to me. That was at the end of March. No word. Grrr!So where in the Shenandoah Valley are you. That's where I live too!
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