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thanks so much! I really appreciate it!!!
Would anyone be willing to share their contract with me?? I have a tasting on Sat and want to be prepared. I live in a small town and call me naive, but I've actually never used one before. thsmyboy[at]gmail.comTIA!!!!!
I use masonite for a bottom board too. Good and strong!
Day one, that's the key. I baby-sit a 20 month boy 2 days a week. He does things to his parents that he wouldn't dream of doing here. They are very doting and I think they think he's too young to really discipline. I made a cake for his mom to take to a retirement party and while we were in the kitchen looking at it, he shot up the stairs. He never does that! She got him off and he was about to do it again when I said, "Ryan, no stairs right now. Get down please."...
My DH just told me the other day that a lady at church complimented our children on their behavior. She lives here half of the year and in FL the other half, so she doesn't really know us. Then in the next breath she said, "Their mother must be strict!" LOL! My MIL said to take it as a compliment because she's German.It's my philosophy to keep kids on a tight reign with they are young because you can let it out as they grow older, but you can't pull it back in!I'm...
So, do you think this will be ok? I have most of my decorating supplies in a hutch in my kitchen, but I have too many pans, cookie cutters and candy molds and they don't all fit in the hutch. They are in plastic storage containers under my bed. Will taht be a problem? And do I have to have a shelf in my pantry or cabinet for just cake ingredients even if I use it for family too?
I'd have gone on and made the full recipe and made cake balls!Hope it turned out for you!
I really want to try it, but haven't found unflavored gelatin yet. Have you tried using strawberry jello if you needed red fondant?
i grew up on margarine too and still prefer it to butter.
I use buttercream icing and then use powered creamer for flavor! i need to make some of these, haven't had them in a while!
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