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yes that's right
do you use a turn table? I usually have a cloth on mine and pull the cake across the turntable just far enough to be able to pick it up.
Some don't push their supports all the way down, so their fingers have room to get out of the way. Then the weight of the cake pushes the supports down.Sometimes, if you're doing a border around each tier, the finger marks get covered anyway.
Whose do you prefer and why?I'm doing a cake for a wedding in Nov. She wants 125 servings. According to Wilton's I can do a 12", 9", " and 6" and get 127 servings. (She's not saving the top tier.) With Earlene's chart, it would have to be a 14", 12", 8" and 6" resulting in 133 servings. Grrr!
Cool! thanks!
Thanks so much for your response! It's so hard to guess, but I'd rather have too many than not enough!
Michael's probably has it.
I've got 3 kids. I can bake while they are around, but I usually don't decorate until the are getting ready for bed and I try to have all my icing done and colored, so I can jsut get started. Occasionally, I have to decorate during the day and I have a "no kitchen" rule. They have to stay out while I"m decoatring and sometimes I'm lucky enough that my MIL takes them for a couple of hours while I'm decorating.
can anyone give me an estimate on how much I need to decorate a 12", 9", 8" and two 6" cakes? The picture the bride showed me had the pearls kinda of cascading down the cake, so they were placed sporadicly around and then looked more like they were piling up at the bottom of the cake. But since she wants ribbon around the base, I'm not doing the pile at the bottom, just the trickling down to the ribbon.TIA!Edited to add this picture. This is about what she'd want, but...
Haven't read all the responses so i don't know if this has been suggested but I'd have them sign a waiver that once the cake is out of your hands, if anything should happen it's their responsibility completely.
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