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The container says to mix 2tsp of powder with 2 tbsp of water to equal 1 egg white. That's what I've been doing and like i said, don't have a problem with a smaller cake.
They were pretty fresh. I baked on Wed for a Sat wedding. I only have one 14" and one 10" pan, so I had to bake, let it cool, then wrapped the layer in saran wrap so it wouldn't get stale.
Ok, so here's a it better to use actual egg whites? This is pretty much the only cake recipe I use now and I have always used meringue powder because I don't like wasting the yolks and don't know what to do with them. When I make a small sheet cake or just an 8" round, I don't have a problem.
Nope, not offended at all. The cake was very moist, and I was actually more worried that is was under-baked in the middle. The bottom tier was 14" and I had 2 flower nails to help with the baking. I use the recipe posted here.
I love this recipe, but it seems to crumble really easily when serving. Or is it just me? I made this wedding cake: and it was delicious, but it was a tremendous mess to serve. I could have formed 5 more slices from the crumbs! Any ideas?
That's a huge margin for error! Thanks for posting that. I do heavily grease my pans because i'm terrified of them sticking. My 14" did stick a bit, but I "pasted" the broken part back in!
I'm doing a wedding cake. 14", 10", 8" and 5" tiers and the 3 larger cakes all shrunk by ½ an inch. Why and how can I prevent it next time?
Is the cornstarch to keep it from sticking?
oh, sorry. I meant they were peanut butter filled oreos covered in chocolate. seriously, don't go to this site unless you want to get sucked in!! These are fabulous and so easy! Fill a cavity halfway, push in a cookie and top off with more chocolate adn let set. It's that easy. I took these to a girls' beach weekend and a friend of mine, after eating a peanut butter chocolate covered oreo came over and kissed me on top of my head!
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