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I ended up putting a backing on her and I'll leave it in the freezer overnight. Rats! I just hate leaving a cake around with my 3 children running in and out of the kitchen. Makes me nervous!
This is what I do.
Question 2..........Do they work better when they are thicker. I like the looks better when it's thin, but the instructions on this site say to put a layer of white across the back. Should I do that?
20 minutes! i'm so impatient! I'll let it freeze longer, thanks!!
What can I do?!?!?
That is insane! It was drilled into me as a kid to say "yes, Ma'am" or "yes, Sir." I'm instilling that in my kids as well.
That's a great idea! Thanks!
Can you post or PM me with your recipe. I know i've seen it before, but can't find it now. Thanks! LOL about "another story!"
So those of you that use the whole egg, doesn't it defeat teh purpose of a white cake? Or is it not enough to make a difference?
I didn't know that, but I've never had a problem with it not being moist. That's why I always make this one because it is the moistest cake I've ever had. Thanks.
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