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I couldn't have done.
I'm in the Shenandoah Valley in Page County.
Thanks for responding!
So Tracy, where are you in VA now?
what did you charge for them? I was asked about a groom's cake and was just gonna do a flat side view, but after looking at the ones on here, I'm pretty sure I could do one. Just curious what others have charged.TIA!
That is funny. Even if she doesn't bake professionally, surely she's made cupcakes at least once in her life!
That's awesome!
I ended up putting a backing of white on my transfer and left it for an hour. After supper, I flipped it out on the cake and it did fine. Thanks for all the extra tips!
LOL! My sister does this with scrapbooking!
I have that problem too. I want a cake to look good so it doesn't disappoint the customer! I'm hoping the more I do this, the more the ideas will start to come.
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