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Here are mine that I made using GenGen's for inspiration! I did the Twinkies and straws too. I smoothed my BC. I didn't dowel it and it traveled fine!
My hand hurts whenever I do a lot of stars. Do you have problems any other time?
That's where I looked at both Food Lion and WalMart. I'll look harder tomorrow! I'm making a cake for my niece's baptism and need it!!
Where do I find it in teh store?!?!? I looked for it today and yesterday and am obviously not in the right place! What is it with in the store?!?!!
I always level mine before turning them out to cool. So no dome issues for me.
Could you just ice the top green and put little tufts of grass here and there? Kinda like this ....
I don't know if a grocery store would print this me though. Isn't it the same as copyright infringement?
A friend has requested a cake going along with the theme from the books I Spy! This is the boy's favorite page. I'm coming up blank! Any ideas of what I could do?
Ukrop's is grocery store that is only in the Richmond area of Va.
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