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Then I'll let you know when we do that!
We are hoping to sell a few. We're thinking of listing it on Ebay soon!
I put liners on just to get some idea. I got about 92 on all the tiers. You might be able to fit more. I didn't cram them on there.
Materials cost about $45.
He bought it in sheets at either Home Depot or Lowe's and cut out the sizes we needed.
They are PVC couplers. You can use pipe and cut it to size, but for teh sake of speed, he used couplers on mine! The board is melamine. It's very sturdy!
This thing is solid! I thnk my kids could stand on it and it would be fine! (But I did move it!)
I'm doing a wedding in about 2 weeks and she wanted cupcakes, so my DH made this for me! The tiers are 20", 18", 16", 14", 12" and the top is an 8". You can use all the tiers or 2! I love it!
Here's one I did this past week like that. It should be fine. Just roll the fondant thin and make sure you put enough on the top of the cake so it doesn't slide off and if your draping from tier to tier, you can wet the ends of the drape a bit so it sticks to the next one. HTH!
no, it's buttercream. I just patted the heck out of them with my trusty Viva paper towel! These are still my favorite to date!
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