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Thank you!! The reason I've been reluctant to get gumpaste was the rest usually hardens before I have a chance to use it, no matter how well I wrap it back up! I've wrapped it and vacuumed sealed it and it still dries out!
When placing a figure on a cake iced in buttercream, you should really have some gumpaste mixed in right? So it doesn't get soft from the buttercream and collapse?
Thanks!! The biggest pan I have is 11 x 15, so I was curious. Think I'll just go shopping!!
The mom wants a sheet cake to feed 100 people. I can put 2 11x 15 cakes together, but Wilton says that will feed 60. What would you do?
i actually like them better if I re-bake them and get a little crust on the outside!
I did. Kelley tried her best to help, but I still couldn't get it to work. No idea what the deal was. I was bummed too, I really wanted to use it.
some of us don't have websites.
I post pictures becasue I'm proud of my cakes. Not for validation. Plus, if people didn't post pictures, I'd miss out on a lot of great designs.
So I guess you weren't really looking for answers to that question.....'cause I was gonna say, I wasn't even a blip on the radar yet! I was born in '75!
How do you keep this from happening? I made the cake below on Tuesday and today, Thursday, the colors are bleeding and it doesn't look as good. Should I have kept it in the fridge?
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