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I don't know the real way to do it. I made fondant last night, and my rolling pin is packed up, so I wrapped cling wrap around a tall can and used it to roll. The wrap came loose, and I was annoyed that it wasn't rolling smoothly, but it did look like leather. I may have had a "happy accident".
ckkerber-I did not take mine out of the pan. We were traveling to my in-laws' and I thought that was the easiest way to transport it.
I was needing a giant cookie recipe for this past weekend, and found this thread. I tried ckkerber's recipe (except I used yellow cake mix) and it was AWESOME! Thanks!!
Those of you who let your cookies sit out overnight to dry, do you cover them in any way? I recently iced my first cookies (yay me!) and I put paper towels over them to protect them and they made a few indents in my icing.
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