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thank you everyone for giving such good advice!
Thanks for the ideas....I did think about "Dawn's Delicious Delights" you think it is to long? Maybe "Dawn's Delicacies"????
Hey Everyone! I am soon to be starting a cake business but I need a good name! I have been straining my brain trying to think of one...You all always have lots of good ideas you could give me sone ideas I would be greatful! anyway, some ideas I had was ... Simply Scrumptous Sweets Creative Cakes Simply Sweets by DawnThats really all that I have and most of those ideas I got off the forum!Please Help!!
Hello everyone! I have a stacked cake with fondant that I am doing and need some advice. I need the cake on tuesday so I am baking the cakes today (saturday) and I want to freeze them. I was wondering, can I cool the cake, level/fill it, then put a crumb coat on it before freezing? I was hoping then I could just pull the cake out of the freezer sunday night or monday morning and then cover it with fondant on monday night...and also decorate. If someone could give me...
Thank you so much for all your great input.
Ok...I dont mean to ask a dumb question but if your city is going to allow you to have a liscense for your business what exactly does that mean you are allowed to do? I understand that you can sell cakes and advertise, I guess my question is besides having to get your tax ID # does it mean you are free to make cakes with no worry? Any advice would be great!!! Thank you!
Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on opening a home-based cake business in missouri. I have received information from my city on a liscense and I know about getting your tax I.D. # and all of that. My question is do I need to worry about the health Dept. or Dept. of Agriculture? Would it also be smart to get insurance? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Hi PureShugga! Perryville, MO is just about and hour south of St. Louis.....Its a pretty small town!
Hey Everyone! It is sooo funny to read about all the cake disasters we have all had....(even though its not funny when it happens!) I have a disaster to tell you all about.....One night my friend Hershey 17 and I were decorating a birthday cake for someone and I was in charge of writing on the cake.....I was VERY tired while writing..(not a good combination!) Anyway, after I was done writing it out I realized I wrote HAPPY BIRTDAY!!!!! I left out the H! After having a...
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