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I hate even the idea of washing greasy buttercream out of a pastry bag so I use disposable plastic bags all the time. Parchment bags are okay for small amounts of icing, but I don't know how to open them back up and add more icing to it (my bags usually end up squished little messes), so I don't use parchment for many things.
It can be done. The contour usually just rounds the upper edge. I've torted a 3" contour into 3 layers, starting just under the rounded top edge, so it doesn't show under the icing.
Not a stupid question, that is exactly how you do it. Use the little feet on the separator plate to make little marks where you should push in the hidden pillars, push them in as straight as you can, then fit the plate onto the part of the pillar that is sticking out. And of course, don't try to deliver this cake pre-assembled
Global Sugar Art sells jars or bulk bags of pearls of various sizes and colors. Search for "dragees" on their site and all of your options come up. And of course, use the links to Global Sugar Art from this site and you help support Cake Central to boot.
I've used this pan too, and I baked without the core. Just use a very firm cake recipe. My Pooh was also sitting on another cake, so he had dowels and a cake board under him, then a long dowel pounded down thru his head into the base cake and drum underneath (ouch!). He survived the car trip without so much as a wiggle.
I froze cookies with Toba's glace for about a week. They were double-bagged in freezer bags. I didn't take them out of the bags until they had defrosted, so no condensation had a chance to form on them, which probably would have mucked up the glace.
I did, used 1/2 cup of All Whites brand egg whites in place of both eggs, and the cookies came out fine.
Four cups per pound of powdered sugar. But powdered sugar is one of those things it's more accurate to weigh out instead of measure by volume.
I'm sure it would definitely help to wear a mask while spraying. It's what I'm planning to start anyway, because last time I sprayed clear vanilla through my airbrush, I nearly asphixiated myself from the alcohol fumes.
I wish I'd heard this BEFORE I tried my airbrush for the first time! I sneezed into a tissue and it was BLACK! Really freaked me out till I realized what it was.
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