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OMG thank you sooooo much!!!! *hugs*....I was hoping for a fast response and I got it! yay lol...because my cake is cooling right now and I needed to know...thanx so much!! you rock girl!
Ok I have the recipe for the Whimsical bakehouse frosting...and I have all my ingredient, but I just dont understand the directions!! LOL...if some one could please help me understadn this I would reallly appreciate it! Do I whip the butter and shortening seperate then ass and whip it all ...and the hot water thing?? I just dont know lol...hopefully someone can help ! lol
ok thanx alot you two, I guess I could do 2 test batches to see which color is best, try the blue and pink and the red and blue...THANX!!
ummm...I dunno but If it were me mkaing the cake, I would put a strip of the brown bamboo type thingie along the bottom on all sides of the cake mabye...sorry not alot of help lol
OK I have to do a cake today and the birthday girl wants the cake iced in Can I get the best purple...I dont have purple dye, but I have royal blue, rose pink, pink, and red....what do you think would be the best combination???
aww that is georgous!! i love it and congrats on the order!! <3
its really pretty....did u level the cakes??
A friend of the family asked me to make acake for her grandkids for easter as they are coming to WV from MI...she wants a cake in the shape of a bunny...and as I dont have a bunny pan, I am going to sculpt it from cake. she wants vanilla inside with white icing and coconut covering the outside, it's going to feed around 20 people. the ingredients are going to cost me somewhere between 15-20 dollars, and I know carved cakes are a hassle lol...I dont know how much I should...
I order mine form Sugarcraft...and you dont hae to buy them in a big case, I buy mine in sets of 3, I only ordered the 11x15's and the square ones for round cakes, I cant remember the measurement on that one and they are rather cheap, the best way to go in my opinion!!
no its not like wiltons buttercream, it's very light tasting and it has a fairly stiff consistency, Ive ordered cakes in the past from Walmart and I just love that icing, Has anyone here worked at a walmart bakery and know how they make it???
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