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How many cups of buttercream are needed for each different layer? I am making a small tiered cake for my daughter's birthday and I plan to use a 10", 8" and 6" tier all with two layers of cake. Thanks!
I did two baby shower cakes for my sister and they turned out wonderfully thanks to everyone here on this site. Your tips and suggestions were just the thing. I baked two half sheet cakes, one white, one chocolate, refrigerated them overnight (which I would not have thought to do with out you guys), frosted them with the Odessa's buttercream recipe (I added an extra tablespoon of vanilla to the recipe), painted them with food color diluted with vodka, then topped them with...
I think it is adorable.
This recipe is very similar to my favorite, Mousseline Buttercream from The Cake Bible. That recipe requires making a sugar syrup, the pouring the still warm syrup into your meringue, then adding the butter. It is a super silky gorgeous buttercream tht pipes nicely and is absolutely delicious.
Can you paint a design on buttercream with plain food coloring or do you need to mix it with something first? I saw a plaid design on a cake and I would like to try something similar. The cake I saw was airbrushed, but I don't have an airbrush and would like to try something by hand. Any ideas?
I am making the cake for my sister's baby shower next weekend. There will be about thirty people (25 RSVP's already) from her boyfriend's family there and I am not sure how many from our family since there was a death in our family this morning. I am making two sets of booties from cup cakes (4 booties total) one pair pink and one pair blue since she doesn't know the sex of the baby. My question is how big of a cake do I need to be sure that there is enough. There could...
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