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I have never refrigerated cake batter but I have froze my cakes.One thing about anything that does not have a air tight container goes bad quick and also the other stuff in your fridge may penetrate it if aint sealed enough. You dont want to have a cake taste like you left overs lol. Well that goes for any food that is not in a tight container. Over all I think it may be okay for about 1 day but not sure so dont quote me. You can do a search online and see how long you can...
I love this site!! I cant get enough of it! And they make custom orders!!!!
Thank you so much! I will have to look into it!
Cake central has great recipes! I personally love durable cake for 3d and wedding cakes! try it out! is a site you can look into and check out prices on some good machines.Cake diva if you have one like this and come across them often. Count me in on you list. I would love to have a good pasta machine!!
Here is a bump. I wonder if the make electric ones? I will do a search for that and repost on here for you. I also have the same problem with my pasta machine I bought at micheals. and my counter tops dont have a ledge to hold the darn machine down. Urgh. Will come back later with a site.
What about a bunt cake pan? I think that would also work if you have one available. If not using any thing round to cut the center would be fine too.
Would you like to set up classes for students? Or a after school program for teens or kids if you are paitent! That would bring extra income. Hmm I would say pass out samples. I would also post card on bulletins or pass out flyers. I dont know just giving all the ideas possible to make it work for you. Good luck. As for the 40% cupon always go for the most expensive item. That's what I do!
That is a great cake!! I love it! I have been wanting to use fresh flowers on my cake just like that. Can you tell me how you did it? Thank you. Thank you so much!!
I want to know everything there is about making my home business legal! I just started making cakes about 3 years ago but not for a business. I like the fact I can stay at home with my kids and bake! I just dont know how to start. I dont want to have problems later because I am not licensed or what ever else I need to do. Can some one help me please and help me get started at home? I live in Portsmouth, Virginia.
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