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thanks Coral3 for the upload info. Here is the final product. I did it!! used an 8" ball pan for the body a 6" round for head, a square 6" for the tail & neck. Thanks everyone for your great ideas.¤t=babydragon.jpg
having problems attaching the picture. I will try again. thanks.
I truly want to thank all of you for your quick replies. love all your ideas, she wants a 3d cake so wish me luck will post it upon completing it. I'm thinking of a 8" half ball pan for the body and a 6" round for the head, thinking of using fondant for the legs and tails. I'm enclosing a picture of want she wants.
wow!!! that's really nice, are the beer bottles real??? can you give me exact recipe? thanks
my friend wants me to make a dragon cake for her 6 yr old son. I don't have an idea how to start. Can someone help?? thanks.
WOW!!! WOW!!! this is great thanks for sharingl.l..
it's so cute!!!! love it...
thanks will try that too.
I used the hair blower on a piece some came off and some tore but I also had problem with my gumpaste and fondant flowers so I was told to put them in the oven with the light on to dry and it worked, I'm going to try that. will let everyone know if it works. thanks everyone.
I have never left my sheets out of the package. I guess the problem could be humity. I live in the caribbean and it's really hot and humid. I have placed my sheets in the freezer for 10, 20, 30 mins. and sometimes I have left them there for hours. They are really stuck to the backing. I had to improvise and cut it out and place them on the cake with the backing and inform the client. Thanks everyone for the tips. I will try to contact kopykake and hope they can help.
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