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I have a customer who wants a sculpted cake for her daughter's bat mitzvah that looks like this:Anyone out there have any thoughts on how to pull it off? I was thinking the smaller turtle and fins and head on the larger one could be rice krispie treats. If I make them far enough ahead they will be rock solid, but will they be too heavy? Maybe a stand with PVC pipe to attach the smaller turtle to?Thoughts anyone???
Anyone else out there have a standard chart they use for tiered cakes so they know what sizes to use for certain numbers of people? Debi maybe??
Ooh - excellent idea for the anniversary and honeymoon cakes!!!Do you have a chart for the serving sizes for the odd sized pans?
Bride wants a tiered cake for 120 people - I can't get 120 servings, I can get 118 with a 14" and a 12", but then the anniversary tier would either be too big or look funny because the proportion would be out of whack.I can use a 12, 10, 8 and 6 and still only get 110 with no anniversary tier.I can use 14, 10 and 8 and get 124 with a 6 anniversary tier - how do you think that would look?ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I HATE trying to figure out the right sizes to feed the right amount...
Cool idea, but could the woman narrating the video sound any more BORED?? And I have to say that the pictures of the people on the website are creepy. A few tweaks to the website would be nice, but the product is pretty cute for people who can't really decorate.
No info for the OP - but Jamie I love your avatar!!
Boy soccer cakes are hard for me too - I wish I could help, but this will at least give you a bump!
Why can't you just have the bottom styro layer and place the filled half sheet on top of it and frost and decorate as if it is one big cake? It can certainly support the cake.
I usually start out with about 6-8 and then I taste the batter, keep adding one or 2 drops at a time till it tastes right. The same with the frosting. Also - add the drops and let it mix/sit for a little bit, the flavor will get a little stronger after it sits.I'm a big fan, you can also combine them to make other flavors, I think they have a chart on their website.Orange creamsicle is great in chocolate cake as well!
I use them ALL the time!! I use them in cake batter (I have a French Toast flavored cake on my counter right now!) That's how I make my chocolate raspberry and white raspberry cakes. I also use them in my IMBC - I made a choc cake with pistachio IMBC filling on Tuesday.I have also used them in my coffee in the morning, I have a whipped cream dispenser, I add a few drop of flavoring to the cream (like strawberry) and instant flavored whipped cream. I have added them to...
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