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You can make a lime slice out of fondant and stick it into the bottle, you can see if from the outside and it looks really cute!BTW - you put the lime slice into the bottle after it is all molded and cooled down, you do not put it in with the hot sugar. Put it in just before you put the bottles on the cake.
Measure 1/2 cup corn syrup into measuring cup. Add one cup of sugar to corn syrup and stir gently. Stir in one teaspoon of water. Place measuring cup into microwave and cook on high temperature for 6-6.5* minutes. The mixture needs to reach 320 degrees or hard crack stage. Pour a spoonful of the sugar into cool should make a cracking sound and keep it's shape when it hits the bottom. Microwave longer if it does not. Add 30 seconds at a time until it has reached...
PLUS I need to send a price quote to this person - to feed about 150 people I think. Where is Duff's crew when you need them?
So I am trying to overcome my time management issue (see other thread LOL!) and I have to ask - it is really not too soon to start Easter projects? These are so darn cute, so I guess I could really make a few of these to have on hand for Easter now huh? I don't have to be up the night before trying to make these AND hide the eggs for the egg hunt AND fill the Easter baskets?
Okay - I have another step to add to this thread....Along with your most popular flavors tell us what area you are from. I'd like to see if it is a regional thing. If I were a betting woman I'd say that the New England sates will be mostly chocolate and vanilla and the southern states will be more fruit based, what do you think?
Okay - to put it bluntly - my timing SUCKS! I just can't seem to figure out when to start working on projects. It always seems too soon and then I end up the night before Valentine's Day up all night making chocolate covered oreos for one class, up at 5 am to finish the sugar cookies decorated with fondant chocolate and sugar for the other class, and cake truffles, bagging them up, making little paper purses for the teachers, packing them with cookies and truffle....Why...
I've got to tell you - drop flowers are one thing I could never master, they just don't look right when I do them. So I don't LOL!!! I will cut them out of fondant before I will make drop flowers, of course if I could master them it would be much cheaper and easier I think it is practice more than anything else.
So as a doctored box caker (I know, sorry!) I have to ask all you scratch cakers - what do you charge and how do you get paid what you should for the cost of all those yummy ingredients??? I know the time is really not all that different once you get it all down (although I still need tons of scratch practice, I just can't get it right yet) but I pay $1 to $1.50 for a box, then 4 eggs, I buy my oil in bulk, I have Cappella Flavor drops for all different flavors, $1.50 for...
Okay - sorry folks - but I am giving myself a bump, anyone have any thoughts on supports or a base for this doozie?
You are so good to share - I already added this to Faves, so glad I have directions now!!
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