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I keep buying wire that is either too heavy or too light. I want to have little hearts shooting out of a fire hose, what do you stick the wire into, because if I put it directly into the cake the wires will just sink. Techniques anyone?TIA!!Laura
@TexasSugar I do, so far that was my plan (the 62 servings). I always spend too much time trying to get closer to the servings they want. So I was going to price it at $248.
UGH - I HATE pricing cakes!!!So if someone wants a 3 tier cake for 50 people - the closest I can come is either 10", 8" and 6" for 62 people (I use 8 servings for a 6") are there any other options for 3 tiers or do I just tell her it has to be 2 layers or more cake than she needs (which she might be fine with).Did I mention that I HATE pricing cakes? A simple 3 tier cake with daisies on it becomes a logistical pricing nightmare for me. I guess I make this much harder...
Thanks Jan - KNEW you would be the one to find it for me!!!
Hi folks - trying to search for forum topic - putting a sugar cookie in between cake layers and I can't find it anywhere!Not sure if I put cake/cookie/frosting/cake or is there another layer of frosting before the cookie - anyone have the link to the thread? OR tips?I have the sugar cookies and the cakes baked, mixing my frosting now. No rush tho
I don't really think Michelle had much to do with it either, she would have put his AGE on it instead. A lot of work went into it, it is actually very retro with all the piping. Maybe the white frosting is some kind of stablized whipped cream and really yummy?
I did a few this way - works great and tastes great too!!
I am just using a mix, pina colda mix with water for liquid, oil, no extra pudding this time - bu instead of 3 eggs i added 4 (used to doing that for when I add the pudding).Have I just ruined my cakes? I will test them when they come out - but does anyone know what I am in for? CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP!!!
Okay, now don't yell at me but.... I took the order.I actually banged everything out in one night and ended up with about 700 pieces. Chocolate chip M&M cookies, White chocolate mint chip cookies, berry meringues, chocolate chip banana bars, brownie bites, carrot cake bites (I cheated and used a mix and tub cream cheese icing - yuk, sorry!), Madelines dipped in chocolate and plain with powdered sugar. My ingredients, including trays and the stuff for the cake came to...
Love you Debi! Never mind that last year they just bought stuff from Roche Bros supermarket and this year she wants me to make them.Oh dear, not sure about this one... I need her to tell me how many people there will really be so I can figure out for sure if I can charge enough to make it worth my while - definitely not looking good...
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