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You could also use half a styrofoam ball as the bottom half of the cake?
Nobody has an answer?
RoccosMom: I really love the way you post And I must agree, even with my sarcastic post, that I do remember that back in the day wedding cakes being mostly white.
Do you mean to say that this bride in her WHITE dress with her WHITE flowers and her WHITE shoes with her WHITE pearl handled cake knife cut into a cake that was not perfectly WHITE??? *gasp* That's IT! The inside of her cake did not fit with the color scheme of the wedding - who cares if the FLAVOR was actually correct. People cannot SEE the FLAVOR! It must have CLASHED with the place setting that it was served on - the wedding was completely RUINED!!! I can't...
Maybe if you call Lorraine's in Hanover they might have floral wire? Might be worth the drive. But I am pretty sure Michale's will have it in the flower section. Or maybe you could buy wire in the beading section and use that?
I have a large cake due for Saturday - I always end up waiting too long and killing myself and ruin my weekend by being up all Friday night to finish. I don't want that to happen this time!I am baking today, it is a 3 tier topsy-turvy on top of a dummy. I am baking today and have plenty of room to fridge or freeze. I would love to frost it today so I can start covering in fondant tomorrow, so I can decorate Thursday and Friday and be done by Friday afternoon.Someone...
I had to buy one too - waiting for it to come. I feel guilty cause my mom got me the regular one for my birthday in the fall and I was hoping to use that for cakes. Figures this one would come out!Now I'd better make sure that somehow I use the other one or maybe I can sell it to someone?
It was very moist and a little more dense than usual. Not really a bad mistake to make I guess!
Well it is out of the oven - one note, it is perfectly level LOL! It seems to be okay, did take a little longer, so I will take a chance on it. I'll let you all know tomorrow how it tastes.
I think I added an extra cup of water to my Duncan Hines cake mix - it's already in the oven, should I just start mixing up another cake now? crap. Just for the family, so at least it's not that bad, but, just, oh crap!
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