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trying to attach pic
First of all this cake is a modification of a design I believe I found on this site - if you know who please let me know so I can give credit.Secondly - do you think I should add anything else? I pacifier, baby keys, something else on top? Or I was thinking of adding a row of smaller white dots on top of the second row of brown dots?Or should I just let well enough alone Thanks!
I'd love to know too since I may be out there in a few weeks as well
So I have a cake due on the 29th, my husband will be in Vegas working with an opening for me to join him for a few days from the 27th to the 30th - it would be a nice chance to get away and since he is on business hotel and his expenses are paid for.It is a champagne bucket cake - really simple, I have done a bunch of these. I can knock the cake part out Wednesday and Thursday morning no problem. I can do the bottle ahead of time, even this week and make one or even 2...
How far ahead can I make these? Thoughts?
I am going to watch this thread too - I just posted another one about timing of making my Christmas cookies. I'm gonna see what I have to start baking today and see how it turns out. I did make chocolate chip cookies yesterday and froze 5 dozen of them before baking. Maybe pinwheel cookies today?
I have terribly time management. I am always so afraid of doing things too soon that I end up doing everything too late or not at all.I have time to make holiday cookies now but have no idea if I can make them now and freeze them, what kind to make, make sugar cookies and decorate and freeze or just freeze then decorate later? Can I make sugar cookies and put chocolate transfers on them and freeze or will the chocolate not be good when it thaws. I really wish I had...
That's true about DH mix - there is a little boy in my son's class who is allergic to a whole bunch of stuff, but he can have DH cakes.
LOL! What "canned frosting" is best??? Good luck putting MMF on top of THAT!
Also make sure you CHARGE MORE for the scratch cake since it is not your typical recipe!!! If it is not something you do on a regular basis it will take more time and effort for that cake than your others.Good luck!
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