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I love GSA!
I like to have a tub of black and red on hand at ALL times LOL!
5 layers on top of each other with no supports in between sounds risky to me, esp if they are heavy. I would only stack 2 or maybe 3 then put dowels and a cake circle in between the next layer... good luck!
If you have time to buy then it is DEFINITELY the way to go!! If you have to airbrush, tint your white gray first, then airbrush.
Thanks everyone! Will post an updated picture in the morning - added bubbles and it was just what it needed
Bubbles! Love it! Great idea - thanks!!
Wish I could help - but I'd love to know so I will give you a bump up
pic again? why wont it post??
Grrr! Adding to Gallery now - was going to wait for better pic for that but oh well!
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