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I have read the tutorial on here and tried that method for making topsy turvy cakes. I have also just stacked the cakes on top of each other the same way I would if they weren't sloped. Both ways work (and don't work sometimes) but I was wondering what works best for everyone else.Any tips or reasons to use one method over another???
Ok I am stumped.I have a customer that wants something sweet (cake, cookies, whatever) for her daughters graduation from flight school. She will be flying Chinook Helicopters for the Army. She will also be driving with whatever I make from Ohio to Alabama, which doesnt really freak me out too much.I can get an edible image with the army logo that I can put on the cake but I want to do a little more than that. Whatever I do it has to feed 20 people.Ideas???((chinook...
My husband said the same thing about Satin Ice!
Okay. I get it now. When I have to make something with RKT I crush the cereal up a little bit and use a little more than I would if I was making them to just eat. They seem to stand up a little better that way also.
It doesn't sound legal.You still have to store the cakes and the icing. Its a contamination issue. Not saying the commercial kitchen would be cleaner but thats what the health department has inspected and certified.I would not follow her example if I were you.
I may sound dumb but what is RKT??
Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!
I can't seem to find Toba's recipe. Can someone post a link??
They look great!Very cute!
You can try putting them in a plastic bag when you freeze them next time. Keep them in the bad until they are thawed. The plastic bags help with sweating. I have frozen cakes that are covered in fondant and there is very little sweating if I keep them in the bag.Post a picture of you figures. They sound cute!
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