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i inserted dowels on the bottom layer. maybe it was too much filling or the icing dam wasnt stiff enough.
A couple of cakes that I've made recently have slid after transportation. One I used strawberry filling and the most recent one I used vanilla custard with strawberries. The layers slid off of each other a bit. I made an icing dam and refrigerated them but then by party time they slid. only thing i can think of is maybe my icing dam isnt stiff enough. any thoughts?
okay I am at my wits end with this one. I am hoping at someone in the wonderful world of cc can help me find a long lost recipe that I have made in the past. I have been all over the web and have come up empty handed. Here's the details - The recipe was in a magazine, probably in ladies home journal, family circle or good housekeeping type. It was probably in a November/December xmas issue from between 1990 and 1998 as I made it early in my marriage. It is a...
I am making a 16" square with 9" pillow cake on top for a sweet 15 party at 6:30. As you can see I am taking a break and checking out cc for some positive vibes. This cake has been a disaster from the first layer completely sticking to me dropping a 1/2 dozen eggs. But I am excited to make my tassels with my new sugar craft gun so I guess its back to the kitchen!!!
Hi All I am having a hard time coming up with this one. Its an 8yr old girls birthday and she is having a mystery party. Someone stole her grandmothers ring and they need to find clues around the house to find it - that's how the story goes. I am at a total loss for ideas. I guess I can do a note pad and pen with some clues written on it, maybe a magnifying glass but I don't know what else. Any ideas or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!
I'm not sure of the size of your cake but what if you took an upsidedown mini loaf pan covered it with saran or wax paper. Then take white chocolate and drizzle it on making a criss cross pattern. You would have to make sure the drizzles went onto the sides. Then you could take red chocolate and run a red border around the sides and top. I think that might work.
I had to laugh when I saw this post. 1 lab and 2 cats. Lots of hair - I clean, change my shirt and my hair is up. No problems yet. Also I'll let you in on my biggest secret. I generally decorate my cakes between the hrs of 10pm and 4 am depending. Everyone, the kids, dog and even cats are sleeping and I have the house to myself. I am usually tired the next day for work but I get through the day. Not all of them take me that long and they probably take me longer...
I made one a while back and I started by adding very small amounts of brown until I got it to the right shade (or value) I added a very small amount of yellow. It worked out well for me. Sorry I don't have a picture or more detailed info - that was before I took notes about my cakes. Good luck and be sure to post it when you are done!
what if you have spiderman slinging webs and the princess with a wand both pointing at the words Happy Birthday and spiderman adds webs to it and the princess adds sparkly glitter or something. Sounds funny but I can visualize it in my head......
I did a 10" round with a 6" on top, frosted with bc in a basketweave then topped the top layer in chococovered strawberries and put them around the top of the secondlayer as well. I made a chocolate heart with the bride and grooms name on it and put it on the front of the top tier. Came out cute except for the smudges on the chocolate heart - which I have to work on next time.
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