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Sorry this has been such a long time to post. I feel like I have been making cakes in my sleep these days! Anyway, thanks for all the encouragement and support (extra support, that is, with a reinforced toe!) with this project. The leg lamp cake was a big hit ~ nobody knew it was a cake until I told them!I ended up leaving off the pantyhose ~ I just couldn't get the SugarVeil to cooperate. I know it will work for a future project, I just didn't have enough experience...
Gothicfairy, it took me a long time to realize that MOST PEOPLE don't see the flaws that we see. MOST PEOPLE will look at your cars in amazement, because they are edible! MOST PEOPLE would just buy some toy cars at Wal-Mart and slap them on a cake. MOST PEOPLE don't have your talent, never will have your talent, and are in awe of your talent. Don't be so hard on yourself! Honestly, some of the worst cakes I've ever made (in my opinion) have been the ones I have gotten...
I thought this cake was cooked, but after I leveled it, I realized that it needed a few more minutes. What can I do? It's already leveled, so there is an exposed end on the cake. Should I just go with it, and hope that it's not too underdone?
I always use melted butter instead of oil. Some people use mild instead of water, but I haven't had much luck with that. Lately I have been doctoring almost every box mix with 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of sour cream, and a pinch of salt. Works wonders, and I get a full 4+ inches of cake out of one box! (It does have to cook a bit longer, though.)
About the layers, it depends on how many servings you need. Always make sure you have support after each 4-6 vertical inches of cake. The cake in my avatar is the first stacked cake I ever did, and it was HUGE and weighed a ton! Don't be afraid ~ just make sure you have support. You can use bubble straws or regular straws (the straight kind) as support underneath the cake boards ~ that's all I use and I never have a problem. A word of caution, though ~ don't use too...
So you can run gumpaste through the cricut machine? What about those small, Martha Stewart cutout punches ~ can you use those with gumpaste? Doesn't the gumpaste gum up the machine?
No, it looks like they sculpted the cakes to make them tapered. Easy to do ~ just use a sharp knife and run it along the top at an inward angle towards the bottom of the cake. The tricky part is making it even all around, but the slight angle doesn't affect the stabillity of the cake. Good luck!
I have stopped trying to figure people out. She may have wanted the light shining on her instead of you (which, really, the light should be on the one who is leaving...). I promise that, unfortunately, this won't be the only time you have to deal with people like this. Just let it roll off you back and know that this person missed out on one of your great cakes! (I think it's sweet that you are bringing her another cake, too.)
NO ~ IT IS A RIDICULOUS PRICE TO ASK FOR A SHEET CAKE!!!! Can you get a slice of cake at Cracker Barrel for $1? Or a small dessert at Outback for $1? Most grocery stores, you can't even get a regular sized Snicker's Bar for $1. So why do you want to spend all that time, materials and energy, not to mention the personalized edible image, for less than minimum wage???
Can I do this without problem? I want to make a white cake, add Italian Creme creamer instead of water, an extra egg, and fresh blueberries. How much blueberry should I add? A cup or more? And will the add in of blueberries put the cake at risk of falling? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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