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DO NOT use "heaps of dowels" for support on the bottom tier. I read a post here where someone did just that, and the bottom tier broke apart because there were TOO MANY dowels in it. You don't say how large your tiers are, but I just put together a stacked square cake (all single layers): 14", 12", 10", 8", and 2-6". I have 5 straws (one near each corner and one in the middle) between the 12" and 10", and 4 straws between the 8" and 6". Then I sharpened a wooden dowel...
I just got an order for a diabetic pound cake (if possible). I usually use doctored box mixes for my cakes, and I am VERY happy with my final product. But I've never done a pound cake and scratch baking does not work well for me (last scratch butter cake I made came out with a conosistency of cornbread!). Can anyone give me a foolproof recipe for pound cake? And how to make it diabetic ~ just replace sugar with Splenda? Or is there something more I need to do?Any help...
Good luck, Lollipop! I am only an hour away from Fayetteville, so if you need any help, just let me know!
I coverd my RKT leg for my Leg Lamp cake in fondant ~ I just did a thin layer of BC and then covered with fondant. No problems!
Don't know about the rhinestones, but I would bet that the writing is an edible image. HTH!
Are you talking about the Americolor food coloring? I have had no problems painting with that stuff ~ I actually prefer it to the Wilton jar colors. As long as it's not too heavy a concentration of color, it should dry just fine. You could try putting your items in the oven with the light on, since you are using gumpaste. HTH!
Well, she showed up with cash, after calling a couple times because she was lost. We'll see what happens! I did make her sign a contract waiving me from just about anything going wrong! And CakeForte, I hear you ~ my husband says the same thing... I don't want to hear it if she complains 2 weeks after the wedding! Wish me luck on this one!
Okay, a lady calls me last weekend (Saturday) while I was on vacation (Disney) with my family. Her original cake decorator is sick (surgery) and she needs a cake for her wedding ~ 2 weeks away! Okay, I feel sorry for her, so I say I'll do it. I will e-mail you a contract, and you need to put a check in the mail immediately so I get it when I get home the following Saturday. Well, I never get a response to my e-mail (to answer my questions I didn't ask when she called)...
There is a great site called Bakerella ( and she explains somewhere on her blog exactly how to make the brownie pops. I haven't tried them, but they look pretty easy. Good luck!
Hi, Stephanie! Good luck getting anyone to answer your questions. I finally got a booklet (make that two) that gives all the info, rules and regulations on entering a cake in the fair. For some reason, there is a height limit on the cakes you can bring in ~ something crazy like under 2 feet! Anyway, I will try to find the booklet on my messy kitchen table if you need information. Just PM me with your questions and I'll try to answer them!Starkie
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