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Please help ~ I am at a loss!  I want to make a 3D Eiffel Tower on top of a round cake.  I am not good with royal icing at all, and I was hoping to cut it out of gumpaste with my Cricut.  Unfortunately, that is not going well, and the cake is due tomorrow (yes, I am a last minute sort of gal!).  Does anyone have a good set of instructions and a template for me to follow?  I e-mailed one CC'er, but I haven't heard back from her her.  Thanks so much!!!
I ended up with a total of 60 oz of white chips and about 2.25 cups of cream to get a thick enough consistency. Actually, when it was cooled completely it was a little too thick, but, hey, much better than the soup I had! Plenty to cover my cake with! Thanks for the help, CCers!!!
Okay, the recipe I had said a 2 to 1 ratio of chocolate to cream. Looks like I need to head to the store! So hopefully I can melt another bag of chocolate, mix it in, and be okay?
I made ganache with approx 18 oz heavy cream, 4 TSP sugar, and 36 oz white chips (off brand). It took forever for the chips to melt, and now, after several hours in the fridge (and some time in the freezer) the ganache is still not firming up. I need to ice a cake with it this afternoon! Can I save this or should I just make a batch of buttercream to ice my cake? Thanks for helping me out!!!!
I have several wedding cakes coming up, and lace is what they want. I have found 2 beautiful cakes, but I cannot find any impression mats or molds that might have been used to make the lace. Can anyone...
Isn't this the same as rice paper? I can get that at my local cake shop...
I have four 4" rounds in my freezer, and I want to use them for a dessert auction this week. I was originally going to do a beer stein, but I am being told that the crowd is pretty "sedate". Any other ideas floating around out there ~ besides the leaning tower of Pisa? I really can't figure out what to do, and I don't want to make just a layer cake. Thanks!!!!
I am making a beer mug cake, using four 4" round cakes. Do I need to add support between the layers, or can I just sit each layer on each other? The cakes aren't very heavy or very big, so I'm just asking...Thanks!
Thanks, ajwonka. Should I keep it in the fridge, then?
I took my cake out of the freezer to carve them. I thought it was defrosted all the way so I filled and crumb coated it. I was getting ready to cover it with fondant when I noticed that it was sweating badly on the top. What should I do? I put it in the fridge (without covering in fondant), but now it seems damp on top. Do I let it sit out overnight or what??? I don't want the fondant to slide off! Thanks for the help!!!
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