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I'm using Satin Ice for the first time and love it except that I have some cornstarch marks that won't go away. The fondant is red - maybe it's standing out b/c of the intense color, I don't know. Anyway, that's not the real problem. I'm making a toolbox cake and have screwed up the edges and now have a package effect going on. I couldn't start over b/c the underside of the fondant had picked some of the chocolate icing underneath so there was no turning back once it...
Wilton sells this product and it is edible.
Ugh. How do places like the Cheesecake Factory ship theirs, I wonder?
If you wrap the cake very well you shouldn't have a problem.
Has anyone done this?
Will one side be flatter than the other?
I like that idea. If I melt it and spread it out on parchment, when could I cut it? If I wait till it's completely set won't it break easily?
Really? I've had the same problem with gumpaste, too.
I'm making a dinosaur cake and want to use fondant to make spikes down its back, but I'm worried that after the spikes sit in the cake for a few hours that they will get droopy from touching the BC. I need to deliver the cake the night before the party. Any ideas?
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