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A client wants a dome-shaped bug cake (think beetle) with wings that are separated to look like it is flying. (Think ladybug with wings spread.) Any idea how to do this or what to make them out of being that the cake will be rounded? The cake will be covered in buttercream, btw.
I've used chocolate but you have to be careful of the whole melting problem!
I interviewed at a small bakery in Houston a couple of years ago which was located right next to a ritzy country club that did business with the bakery. I asked for $10/hr (part time) and the owner/chef told me that culinary graduates were only getting $7/hr. I hope you have better luck in Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!
Whenever I dip anything in chocolate (like cake balls) they always end up with a chocolate "foot" on the bottom no matter what I do. Does anyone know the secret to a smooth dip?
No, not a cute ladybug "beetle" - a black beetle. For a little boy, but cute. OOOOOOOK! I don't know where to start! I haven't even been able to find any ideas online yet! This client said she saw a ladybug cake made from a large Pyrex bowl and she wondered if I could do something similar but boyish. Oh, and it needs to have wings that are hovering above. HELP!!
LOL! Yes, I hate those clowns, too! ICK! I can't believe anyone thinks they're cute. Blech. For plain cupcakes, I usually charge about $2/piece and I fill them (unless asked not to do so) so I was thinking about $4-5 for the middle ones. I was just really thrown by the first photo b/c I've never had to do so much modeling. I think $10 may be the lowest I could go. Hmmmm...Thanks for the ideas!
I need to give a quote on 30 cupcakes with a circus theme and the client gave me some ideas that she liked, but I don't know how to price them. The first one would require a ton of work. How do others price their cupcakes, esp. when each one requires special...
I tried some clear vanilla on a couple of small spots on the side and while the corn starch went away, the area is now shiny. Will that disappear?
Wow, thanks for the help!
Crap. I don't have any vodka. Thanks for the tip, though!
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