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Thanks for all of the tips! Yes, this is a 4 inch cake - I'll definitely be charging more from now on!
LOL! Love it! Thanks!Btw, what size is your 1/4 sheet cake? It seems everyone uses different pans.
Thanks for the ideas! I'm so sick of my reverse shell! lol
That's really interesting! I've always wondered about this and how people sell their goods using "copyrighted fabrics". Good to know, good to know.
I just remembered that a friend gave us a food processor she wasn't using! Hubby will be so happy! LOL!
I just use some BC and a #3 Wilton tip.
Something like, "Wow, I didn't realize your prices had increased so much!" I think I've only ever made carrot cakes for her and she's tried to order from me several times in the past 6 months, but she always waits till the last minute to order and I end up being booked already. This time, she asked me over about a month in advance and I told her which weekends I was free and she actually scheduled her baby shower around that b/c she wanted the cake so much! I'm very...
Thank you!
I have one customer who pops up now and then requesting my carrot cake, which she loves, but to make it worth my time I have increased my pricing for it. The cake and icing is all scratch and is a royal pain in the butt (to me - even though I usually get my husband to shred the carrots, HAHA) and she just commented about my price, but, in the past, I have always felt that I have way underpriced myself and walked away from the experience with a bitter taste. My pricing is...
Here's the whole recipe. It's supposed to be sweet and stiff. I hope it works for me!
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