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I'm going to participate in a craft fair of sorts and want to take some cake dummies with me. I'm going to cover them in fondant but there will be BC accents on the cakes, too. My question is this: Is ther someway I can seal the BC on the cakes so that they won't get funky if they get poked during the show? I've never done this before and I want to make sure to cover all angles. Thanks!
My husband went to either Lowe's or Home Depot (can't remember which) and had them cut a piece of wood big enough to hold a full sheet cake for me. It's quite heavy so I usually need him to carry it for me, but it's very sturdy!
I was thinking that was way too cheap! I quoted someone recently $450 for just a Tiffany box cake, but a 6 tiered cake to feed 200 people should be WAY more.
Great! Thanks!
This may be a stupid question, but after using melted chocolate (for dipping) once, is it OK to let it harden and then remelt it? Will it taste different?
Thank you. I've seen that thread before and will search it out.
Is there someplace I can purchase some deep cookie cutters so that I may make my Rice Krispie Treats thicker and still cut them neatly?
Exactly! And, once you find those people, they will come back again and again and they will tell THEIR friends, who think the way they do, too.
I do the same thing!
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