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Even a little bead border would have hidden those gaps!But, like someone else said, I'll bet the cake was EXACTLY what they wanted. I don't think Mama Clinton would have it any other way!
Well, I had to start the cake over this morning and got it done just in the nick of time. Had to get another bottle of Wilton's b/c that's the only clear type that is easily accessible, but when I make the trek to the cake shop this week I will be sure to purchase something better. Luckily, this bottle smelled fine.The cake turned out OK - it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do - but everyone was very pleased with the look and the taste so that made me happy.
I just can't believe that for the price they didn't get a PERFECT cake. And the fact that they allowed photos of those huge gaps to go out w/o retouching them doesn't seem too wise, either. But, I guess once you do a wedding of that magnitude people will want your services no matter what.
I really don't know why I dipped the brush into the bottle b/c I normally pour the vanilla into a little bowl. I guess I just had a lapse in judgement or something. I normally use Wilton's vanilla b/c it's so easily accessible and there isn't a cake shop nearby. And I only use their fondant for decorations - I make MMF or use Satin Ice to cover a cake. I don't really make enough cakes to warrant buying large quantities online but I'm done with Wilton! Thanks for...
It's Wilton's Clear Vanilla so it does have artificial flavors and it smells very strongly of alcohol now. I wish i had sniffed it before I made the cake. I just threw everything out and will have to try to pull something together in the morning. I'm so angry and will not buy their vanilla again. My kids and I ate a few cake scraps and I hope no one will get sick from it.
I should have read this first:
That's exactly what I thought when I first dipped the brush so I really doubt that was the problem b/c I did it only once or twice.There's no way I can make a new cake in time! I'm freaking out!!!
I made a WASC cake and some BC. The cake tastes fine, but the BC is awful! I use Wilton's basic BC recipe so unless I got a weird batch of powdered sugar or my Crisco went bad (Doubtful!) I'm assuming it must be the vanilla. It's only about a month old but the alcohol smell is very strong. Unfortunately, I don't have another bottle to compare it to and will have to wait till morning to get more, but this cake is for a baby shower tomorrow! Luckily, I know the...
Good point! Thanks!
Specifically, cake pieces. I have a lot of cake in my freezer from the last carved cake I did and I'd love to use it for cake balls. How long is too long? This cake was made mid June.
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