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My Chocolate Brown Americolor is turning my fondant a putty/terracotta color. What the heck? Maybe I've had it too long. Is there an expiration date on the soft gels?
I was going to ask the same thing. Sifting is imperative when making MMF or you will get lumps.
Why the need for a layer of BC? Most recipes seem to call for a glaze, like apricot or a simple syrup.
Is there a foolproof pourable fondant recipe out there? I was asked to make some petits fours for this weekend and some of the recipes out there are pretty intimidating.
OMG, those are gorgeous!
The customer is a friend and even SHE isn't quite sure what she wants! ACK! Vintage could mean 1970s or even 1940s!For some reason, I keep picturing a light pink liner with a vanilla cupcake and white icing and a small pink candy on top. Why, I have no clue! LOL!
I have an order for "vintage" cupcakes and I really don't know what that means. Any ideas?
Yeah, it didn't work with thicked fondant and it must be b/c the edges are so sharp. Will try again tomorrow.
And I thought it was too thick. OK, one my try! Thanks!
HELP! I'm trying to cover a cake dummy but every time I lay the fondant on top it tears at the edges. What am I doing wrong?
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