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Thanks for the great suggestions everyone.  These flowers won't be on wires so I think I will try Maybenot's suggestion.  Sounds like a good one!!
I used to watch that show too, and thought the same thing!! 
Haven't been on for a while but I have a situation that I need some assistance with and I know one of my fellow Cake Central experts can give me some guidance in this.   I am transporting a wedding cake over 200 miles that will have a large number of flowers placed on it, mostly daisies since that is the bride's favorite.  I will be assembling the cake upon arrival.  Time constraints mean I have to make the flowers here then transport them to the wedding for assembly on...
What you are picturing is exactly what I want to do, but I just couldn't figure out how to make the structure in such a way that the point wouldn't collapse from the weight of the cake.  Thanks for the great ideas, I think I can make that work.
I have this vision in my head of a Valentine's Day cake that has a round base cake with a standing heart cake in the center of it, but I am not sure how to stabilize the heart.  I was thinking of making a smaller round cake for the heart, then carving it into the heart shape and covering it with fondant.  Would wooden skewers hold it in place?
Here's a trick I learned from a graphic designer to get that bright red color we all love but often have difficulty achieving.   Start with orange!  Color your white icing or fondant with orange first, then add the red.  I like the Americolor Super Red the best.  It still takes a lot of color, but the results are great!  I have tried it with the Wilton too and it does work, but it just takes even more color.   My cake decorating teacher taught us the cocoa method years...
Thanks for the suggestion..I am thinking the same way.
I want to make a cake of a baby standing up but I am worried that if I use fondant for the legs it will slide down as the cake sits (especially on the baby's legs).  I would also need to transport this cake to another location a few miles away and it is still quite warm here.  Any suggestions?  I was wondering if making the legs from flesh colored gum paste and ditch the fondant all together on the legs would work?
My plan is to cover the cake with white fondant first, then cover it again with the colored fondant just like I did the white.  I will then use an exacto knife to cut out the shapes from the top fondant layer.  Wish me luck!!
I haven't tried it yet...I've only seen it done on TV, want to try it out.  I will put a post here if I have any problems.  
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