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I think that cake is adorable, I would be in heaven to get a cake like this!!! I would just let it go. Win some, you lose some.
Buying an Agbay was the best investment I ever made.  I would always stress out about leveling a cake because no matter how hard I try to have a perfect level, it never happened.  I don't stress out anymore about leveling.
I usually go with the amounts listed in the Wilton books as a guideline.  You will have leftover after you've rolled it out and put on cake.  I'd rather have more than less needed. 
You can simply tell her you are not comfortable making this cake.  I've done that, telling them that it is beyond what I can do.  Just be honest with her, but don't tell her it's ugly ;)
Thanks! I will try doing this the next time. I was getting really irritated so gave up. I will try doing it ahead next time.
I have been trying to color my fondant navy blue, but I am not having much success. The more color I add (Americolor Navy Blue), the more stickier it gets. I've also added a little piece of black fondant, but it's not working. Any suggestions??
It looks like some kind of orchid, not sure exactly which kind, though...
I'm having the same problem. Can it be fixed?
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