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You can print a template of the buildings (I suggest clipart or draw plain square and rectangular buildings). Tape the template on something sturdy like the back of a cookie sheet (or a cake board). Tape wax or parchment paper over that and trace (and fill the images) with melted black chocolate (you can use the Wilton Candy melts) for the buildings and yellow candy melts for the windows.
Thanks so much Myra.
I have been wanting to make a diaper bag cake for a while but never had an opportunity (before now). I had saved the website link that Helipops had for her diaper bag tutorial back when she posted it but the site no longer has that link. Did anybody happen to save it? If so, I would be so grateful if you could share it with me.Thanks,Melanie
Nanefy, I love your stand. Can you give us details on how you created it?
I thought those prices were really high as well for a one time use. That is why I was considering making my own. I love the ones with the pleating front detail. They are really pretty. Thanks for the replies.
I just discovered the designer cake stand site called Raise the Cake. The stands are fabric covered with ribbon and broaches. It looks like they are relatively easy to make if you are crafty. The website says the stands are lightweight but can hold the weight of the tallest cakes. Has anyone ever tried making something similar? Do you think they used Styrofoam as the base? The ones they design are meant for one time use.
I really hope someone is able to help me. On Monday I made a gum paste face mask for the football helmet cake I am making for my son today. Yesterday I baked my cakes and I tested to see the fit of the mask. When I did, my mask broke in several places and I know it can't be saved. My plan is to try to make one tonight using an internal wire structure as I have read that some people have done. I have several questions and I would really appreciate any assistance I can get....
I have both mixers you are looking at. I just purchased the 7 quart Cuisinart a couple weeks ago. I love how much more capacity I have with the Cuisinart! I purchased it from Bed Bath and Beyond using the 20% off coupon (they ordered it for me online when I went in the store and they didn't charge me shipping so it was a great deal). I love it! The timer is a great feature and the pouring shield when attached provides a tight seal to eliminate powdered sugar puffs. When I...
CarolWI, Tamala specifically said she adds more than what the directions call for. That is why I was asking how much more she adds. Thanks.
Tamala, do you know how much more oil you add for your cupcakes?
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