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Hi Everyone, This is going to sound like a really dumb question but I'm just hoping someone can tell me how to do it so it will work. I hate to just assume how I think it's done since I won't be seeing the inside of the cake to know how it will turn out. I have a customer who would like a candy corn cake. The neat thing is she would like it to be colored like candy corn when they cut into it. Can someone please share with me how to get my batter PERFECTLY colored for... deMuralist, I googled stuffed strawberries too before reading the entire thread and LOTS of stuffed strawberries sites come up, like everyone else how in the world can she patent that? That is just like saying you can't fry an egg in a frying pan cuz I do. What in the world is this world coming to?
Ive taped wax paper on the back of ribbon several times and it works just fine but its really a hassel to do so. I never knew the wax paper would stay in place without taping it, but will be tickled to give it a try too next time.
That does sound like a great idea for a carved cake. Never thought of that. I use an enhanced recipe so if I added a pound cake mix with it, do I just follow the box directions for the pound cake if I mix them? Any suggestions? I have a carved cake coming up for Father's Day and would love to try this.
Gosh, I've been in the place your in cake due next day and nothing working out, pure panic sets in! As fas as these figures, I'd make some royal icing and give that a try. I'm afraid fondant and gumpaste won't dry in time, but royal icing will dry pretty quick and so long as you get the consistancy just right, you'll be able to do those figures in royal icing just fine. I've done a barn yard cake and made all the animals even little chickens that really turned out great...
Thank you so much Emma & Jan. I had actually wondered myself about tossing them in flour, but wasn't sure if that would work or not. I love those recipes you sent Jan, I've printed them all and will try them all and decide which one I like best. I think I'll try one of those rather than the tossing for this cake and try that tossing thing on my own family. They love being my taste testers. If you seen my DH's belly, you'd see how much.....LOL
Would anyone happen to know what I can do to keep my strawberries from sinking in the batter. I have someone who wants me to add fresh strawberries into their cake. I know from past experience's the strawberries sink and I feel like this is something simple, but I really have no clue. Thanks for taking the time to read and helping if you can.
I'm looking for instructions for a 3-D Helicopter for my nephew's 17th birthday this Sunday. I just learned my brother has gotten him helicopter flying lessons for his birthday and wants me to make a 3-D helicopter to set on top of a cupcake display. I don't even have any idea how to decorate cupcakes to go with that since cupcakes are just not my forte. Any help would be graciously accepted, and I'd be forever thankful.
I've got to do some cupcakes for my nephew's birthday. I want to display them on a stand and add an 8" single layer cake with a 3-D helicopter on top. I've never done a helicopter and cupcakes are not my thing. They never rise up, when they do, they sink down after they cool some. What in the world am I doing wrong? How do I get that rised cone effect on top, and does anyone have any idea's for decorating them for a helicopter theme. I am also looking for...
Wow, I love that idea about cutting out icing shapes to apply to a cake. I never for a second thought of that, I just think that is so neat!Also, I've never heard of Dixie's. Can ya'll shed some light on that topic with me. Where do you get it, is it something you only can order online, or is it carried somewhere like the Sam's Club icing?I just bought my FIRST tub of Sam's Club Icing the other night and opened it last night and was really impressed with how nice it...
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