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I don't know if the subject makes sense, but what I am looking for is advice on how to create clean lines between tiers when covering layers with MMF. I don't always like to use a border, but I seem to have lots of difficulty gettting a clean look. I have tried keeping the MMF longer and tucking it under before placing it onto of the other layer and pushing it under with the bottom of a spoon afterward I've placed the tier, but it seem to pull the fondant away from the...
Update: I took the Cake to NO and had no problems getting through security. I experienced a bit of sagging, because it had been moved around so much (Total of 6 hours travel time). Good Luck to all you fellow travelers!
I've also wrapped the fondant in damp paper towel and put in the microwave for a few seconds at a time.
Thanks, for the imput ladies!
I'm kinda a rookie on the forum here, so please take pity on me if I am asking a question already discussed and just direct me to the right place...Has anyone ever flown with a cake? I'm flying from MD to New Orleans and would love to bring a fancy cake to my in-laws. I've decided to make something in fondant so it will be fairly easy to transport, but I am concerned about whether or not security will allow it. I have looked on TSAs webside and it seems like they don't...
Totally agree with everyone! It is a hard place to be since many people do not understand how much time and money goes into a cake. Many people think that because its something you enjoy doing its no trouble, but you need to make sure people don't turn something you like doing into something that causes you stress
OMG! That is the craziest thing ever. I thought my friends were bad when it came to their weddings. At this point I should mention that I am the worlds most jaded bridesmaid! I just don't think its fair to make people jump through hoops just because you decided to get married. We had a great private ceremony and a small party when we got back. Our friends did exactly whatever they wanted to help us celebrate and we apreciated all of it.
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