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sharonyou're coming to evansville? when? for a visit or ??? i live in evansvillelinda
i've started using piping gel to hold my fondant and gumpaste figures and flowers together. it works great and takes hold really fastlinda
i'm looking at becoming a licensed home bakery. to be legal i will need to spend around 9000. my husband and i are capable of carving, sculpting, gumpaste flowers and buttercream. i have been doing some cakes and have gotten good reviews. my concern is will i ever be able to recoup at least a good portion of the put-up money? does anyone have any advice or experience with this? the good part of it is that we work together and have a tremendous interest in cakes and...
i find that i will be needing square cake pans and i was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere on line that offers magic line for a good price and decent shipping. global sugar art doesn't seem to carry magic line and i don't want to buy from that other place (you know where). any help would be appreciatedthankslinda
is there a recipe that any one has to make rkt for modeling? do you use the store bought ones? we need to make a few things and thought maybe rkt would be the way to go. you guys have so much talent and are so willing to help - i'm glad i stumbled on to this website.thankslinda
i am getting ready to open (license) my cake business. i am very new at this. does anyone know of online stores to buy supplies. fondant, gumpaste, tools, etc. are there any classes out there for gumpaste/fondant. how do i find out about them. we have nothing hereis there somewhere i can go to get how to set my pricing? any help will be appreciatedthankslinda
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