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a good diet cake is the weight watchers cake1 box cake mix any flavor1 can diet soda any flavormix, bake and ice with cool whipmyself i use brown drinks with choc cake and clear drinks with white cake. my sister uses diet ski with everything and loves it. to make a "coconut" cake - white cake mix, diet 7up or your preference, coconut flavoring. bake. ice with cool whip that has had added coconut flavoring and just a touch of coconut sprinkled on top. doesn't taste diet...
my licensed home kitchen opened in january and i had an open house. i invited any one that knew about me working on it, family, friends, church people, neighbors etc. we had from 1-4 and had about 50 people show up. a great success i felt. we had snacks, cupcakes, truffles, sugar cookies and drinks. it was wonderful and i would recommend it.oh yeah we also had 2 computers hooked up running a continuous loop of my pictures
i know someone who needs a wedding cake april 18. it's a topsy turvy with different shaped layers. i'm out of town for the week so i can't do it, but if you can and would be willing to bring it to evansville, in please contact methanks
thanks leahsmy hd said it kills a broader spectrum of germs and for some reason she said the tabs would be easier because i wouldn't need the test strips like i would for the bleach, but all the research i've done says i need strips with both. i think i'm going to start with with the quat and after awhile i just switch to bleach. i don't think she'll have a problem with thatlinda
i'm almost ready to open and the health department recommended i use this type of disinfectant. anyone have any experience with it? where to get some online?thanks for any helplinda
i've named my lavender KA lily and my grape KA gringo. my dh and dd both don't like the name and gringo and complain everytime i use his name.linda
for you deluxe oven users - do you bake all the same size cakes at once or can you bake different sizes? if different sizes - how? i was going to get a deluxe oven but i was worried about baking different sizes at once.any help would be appreciatedlinda
my dh is the major reason i'm going as far as i am in this business. we are in the process of becoming a licensed home cake business. he loves to make realistic gp flowers, fondant figures, carving, fondant covering of the cakes. he is taking his own classes at cake camp while i take mine then we will share. we love to be in the kitchen making fondant stuff. he also cuts boards and covers them. he really is dying to try extension work even though he doesn't pipe or...
don't forget to sign me up. there will be me, my husband and between 2-3 more people coming with us.we are so excited to get this together, meet everyone and learn some new things. (meeting indydebi - wow!)linda richbillie (from ba's kitchen konnectionand maybe 2 more
i want to play! i love to talk cake and i bore my sisters to death with cake talk. good thing my husband does cakes with me so we can talk cake a lot. i don't do a lot of wedding cakes so june or july is fine with me. please let me knowlinda
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