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i just did two cakes on friday and one had a blowout and one didn't. i didn't do anything different on either cake - go figure.linda
ohhh, please me too!!! i live in evansville (about 3 hrs) but if i have enough notice could i drive up and join you girls? please?i'll bring cake (oh yeah that probably only works on non-cakers)
oh my goodness. i was using satin ice last nite to cover a wedding cake. we had trouble last time we used it, but thought we'd give it one more shot (mostly because i didn't want to color the fondx that i usually use). we ended up ripping the S.I. off the two cakes we covered and used fondx. there were some very strong words from dh. he also pledged that S.I. is CRAP and we aren't using to cover anymore cakes. i agree. i received a sample of massa today and i'm...
i had to file for a varience to get licensed. (what a pain) it is supposed to be done every two years also. this year when i filed i asked for a permanent varience. (it was approved! it cost 200 non refundable dollars regardless of the decisioni had to send a certified return receipt letter to every neighbor and a copy of each letter along with the signed receipts had to be brought to the meetingnow that it's over i'm glad it's done, however i can't move unless i want...
i'm an avid scrapbooker and i own a wizard die cutting machine. it won't work for fondant or gumpaste because it used force to cut out shapes from a die cut. you roll the die through and the force of being flattened cuts the shape. i hope i explained this and didn't make it more confusinglinda
they have the world launch tonight and it comes with frosting sheets and cartridges. i should have it in 10 days!
in my area 3.00 a serving is considered very high and that's what i charge for fondant covered cake. i wouldn't do that cake because of copyright. i have a licensed kitchen in my home. (i had to add a second kitchen, get rezoned etc. i just quoted a price of 2.85 a serving for buttercream yesterday for 150. the total was 427.50 and the client said "FOR A CAKE?" she knew my cake and went ahead and booked but she was shocked and she's had my cake before (just at other...
does anyone have a spice cake recipe that starts with a cake mix? thanks, linda
every few months i have this. i have done nothing different each time it just happens. there is nothing you can do about it and it looks awful with crusting butter cream. first thing i do when i get up in the morning is check my cakes for this.
does anyone know if doing a major league team baseball cap is legal - would they be copyrighted?any help would be appreciatedthankslinda
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