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i'm closing my shop and i'm looking for ideas about where to sell my inventory and supplies - the Stress Free Support system, cutters and veiners, etc. i know about ebay and will use them if i have to but i thought there may be another waythanks for any helplinda
thank you for your responses. i felt like this wouldn't be a good use of my budget. i'm glad to hear my instinct still works.thanks all
i am still getting those calls " we will be in your area tomorrow at 2 and we wanted to verify your address" i've been open for almost 3 years and the calls are still coming. they drive me nuts
i was contacted by david's bridal today about being their cake person for this area. has anyone done this? was it good for your business? just unsure of getting into this without some input.thankslinda
angela i have a licensed kitchen in southern indiana in my home. the best way to find out what is required is to have your health dept do a walk thru. this will keep you from spending any money till you know you'll pass. my health dept was very helpful. they don't check you until you call and tell them you are ready to be inspected. my biggest nitemare was with the zoning department. i had to have my house rezoned for special use.feel free to contact me if you have...
i received a phone call from a woman in indianapolis (i live 3 hrs away from indy) who said she has been looking for someone for 2 years who could make a titanic cake. she said the only one she could find was someone in london. price was no object and it's for her 12 yr old son.this sounds like the story mike mccarey told about someone calling a friend of his to do a garfield cake and then after pick up the friend got sued because he did a trademark the titanic...
i had a bottle of ck vanilla, and i threw it away. i found it to be awful. everything i made with it did not taste good.linda
funny i got a call this morning she says, " i want a fariy barbie cake, she needs to be on top of another cake that is decorated green on top like a garden, with a candy pebble path and it needs to have pink roses.i quoted her $60 and she says " oh my i'll have to talk to grandma since she is paying". haven't heard back from her. what did she think it would cost for 2 cakes and plenty of decorations, not to mention the candy rocks that i would have to ordersheechhey i...
thanks debithat is exactly how i had planned on serving. no cutting at the venue for me. sorry i missed you when you came to evansville for lunch in august. i was on vacation and was seriously bummed when i heard you were coming and i wouldn't get back in time
I'm doing a bridal show in a couple of weeks and I thought I'd ask what flavors of cake and frosting are good choices for me to take and pass out as samples. I know I'll take my wasc, but after that there are so many choices I'm having trouble deciding.thanks for you helpLinda
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