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Thanks I will try that
Hello,I have a repeat customer asking for a cake for their sons 2nd birthday. I did the 1st birthday cake. I have a minimum price for my business and I even went down $25 for her. Last year she ordered three cakes from me all regular price. This year when I gave her my quote for the cake, she said it was more than they wanted to spend, even though she knew my min. price. Do I come back with another price or let it stand. I love that she came back for her son's 2nd birthday...
Yes, A & M is a university in Texas. I was thinking it might be impressions made into the fondant and then airbrushed over but I wasn't sure how to make the impressions. Any other thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you!
Hi Everyone! I was asked to make this cake, and I am having some difficulty figuring out how to do it. I know how to carve it, I was just having some issues figuring out how to make all the embellishments. If anyone knows how, please let me know! Thank you! Blucy
thanks for the tips!
Hi Everyone! I just wanted to get an idea of how many people refrigerate their cakes after covering them with fondant. I usually cover them and then refrigerate them overnight until the morning and let them thaw at room temp. I wanted to maybe stop doing that and just leaving them at room temp. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. (only for fillings that do not need to be chilled) Thanks!
Thanks for posting, btw cool cakes!!
Thank you!
Hi,I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly I need to do to get licensed in Texas-cake decorating business from home. I went to the dept of agriculture to get some information and I wasn't exactly sure where to go. Also, if there is someone that is licensed in Texas could you give me some helpful hints, thanks!!
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