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What do you use to make your buttercream French Vanilla instead of just plain vanilla?
 So  Sorry!!!!!    I ended up not trying this on my cake- I chickened out lol!   I'm not as talented as most on this site. Good luck with your cake and let us know if it worked for you.
Thanks for the chuckle this morning!   Crumb boss Gretchen, has a video for her recipe.
Thank You, Did you use the buttercream recipe?  Im afraid of how safe it is with using egg yolks.
Im not sure what the ages of your children are, but I baked my Grandson's 1st birthday cake.  It was for a really large party mostly adults.  The flavor I used was banana.  It was such a hit.  People are still talking about it.  Even people that dont like cake very much loved it! Here is the recipe I used. I chose this flavor because bananas are my grandson's favorite food and I thought it would be a bit more healthy for him to have his first cake.( Is cake ever...
Im looking for a good, moist champagne cake recipe using AP flour, NOT cake flour.  I have been serching online but im feeling overwhelmed.  I only have one bottle of champagne, I dont want to waste it on usless recipes.  I want to make a wedding cake for a relative using a champagne cake with an orange filling (Mimosa flavor). Any help or suggestions on cake recipes please would be appreciated. I really want to make a delicious cake for them. Thanks!
Ive never made one so this is just a thought......How about placing your belly cake on top of a sheet cake so it can serve more? good luck.
I just recently checked out a book from the library, "Cake Love How to Bake Cakes from Scratch" by Warren Brown.  WOW such a great and interesting book.  He is a believer in using potato starch with AP flour. Has anyone ever used any of his recipes or have baked cakes using potato starch with AP flour? Im really curious to know how they turned out.
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