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You're welcome! lemoncurd, I have that book and love those cups!bikegal
I get quite a few pm's for the Cuppa Coffee Cake in my photos so I'll post it for anyone who is interested. You can get really creative with this so feel free to decorate it anyway that you'd like. 1. You'll need the ball pan from Wilton for the main portion of the cup. A few days ahead of time color and roll out your fondant so you can shape the handle and base. The base of the cup is a 3"-4" fondant circle and about an 1/2" thick. Shape another piece of fondant...
I remembered seeing a tip on leaf garlands on MS's website. Here you go! HTH!
It's actually spelled Lupine and a favorite in Colorado. My mom had tons in her garden while I was growing up. Here's a link to a picture. think your best bet would be to use one of the rose tips or the #80 fluted tip for the actual flowers if you're using buttercream. The link below is to a cake that has lilacs on it. I think you could try to use the same concept for the lupine. HTH!...
riagrl, definitely pick it up! You'll be one step ahead of the class. Especially if you get the feel of how thick the gumpaste should be etc. bikegal
pinkbunny, can you tell us what went wrong? I've seen two different ways of doing them. One is twisting the petals together and one drying the petals on a dowel rod then attaching them together. If you have any tips please share. I'm getting ready to give them a shot. Thanks!bikegal
goodcakefairy, I did a filling of buttercream mixed with seedless raspberry jam and fresh whole raspberries just this weekend. Tastes wondeful! I hate the thought of my layers slipping and sliding. I also mix my lemon curd with buttercream to avoid sliding issues. bikegal
leana, I did a cake with buttons in my photos. Use two different size circles I used the one in my Wilton Gumpaste Kit and a straw for the button holes. If you want textured buttons use a textured rollling pin on the fondant before cutting out your buttons. HTH! bikegal
Dori , I just scanned the posts quickly not sure if anyone gave you the answer you needed. The boxes are from a company called Spectrum Ascona the number is 1.800.356.1473. HTH!bikegal
PP, the dogwood flowers are gumpaste. bikegal
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