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Darra, absolutely no dunking! You'll have a mess on your hands. You want to ice the cookie first with royal icing while flat. While the royal is still wet sprinkle the sugar on the cookie . When the cookie dries come back with a small brush and brush away the extra sugar crystals. If you like the effect on Antonia's pear you'll need to ice the entire cookie first and let it dry completely. The sugar part of the cookies is a second layer of royal which is then...
subaru, that's funny! I chant to myself, "This way, thata way, this way, thata way..." mmdd, maybe try a 19 too! Sometimes, borders have a way of overpowering the cake.bikegal
What tip are you using for your reverse shell? Don't be afraid to experiment with other tips. Looks like you have the concept down. How about making your tail just a bit longer so the shells aren't so close together. HTH!bikegal
Looks like one of the ruffle tips, but I'm stumped.bikegal
The quest will never end! After 4 years I feel like I'm just now getting the hang of it. Hundreds of different techniques later and a zillion bc recipes later I feel like I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm with KimAZ the bench scraper/icing scraper is my sacred tool.bikegal
JennT, *BIG HUGS* I know it's a little late but I'm just catching up on forum news. I'm happy that a new window opened up for you. bikegal
*grin* I love the metal ones myself but those plastic ones have been popping up everywhere.
Have any of you ladies used them? I'm not sure how they compare to the metal ones. If you do use them do you like them?bikegal
After I've rolled my gumpaste super thin, I let my gumpaste harden just a little bit before using the Tappits. That really works for me. HTH!bikegal
How about a little royal icing just for insurance? If toothpicks are too flimsy try skewers. HTH!bikegal
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