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Here's a website that may help you! I think I'm going to give this a shot.
Antonia74, I'm shocked! Your creations are perfect! Stop it, you're ruining the illusion for us. *laff*bikegal
Do you think the weddingcakelady would share the technique with us? That basketweave is gorgeous. I wonder if anyone on here has that wedding issue.bikegal
luthien3, it's possible! Quick story, I went to college got my degree so my parents would be happy. I got hired by an insurance company to be a Property Damage Adjuster. Worked there for a couple years and made pretty darn good money. I hated my cubicle. I hated anything and everything to do with insurance. Incredibly stressful job. I would wake up in the middle of the night and jot down notes on my files.I had a good friend at work that knew I wanted to be a floral...
elibats7, let us know how your ears come out. I'm thinking about buying that pan. I love all holiday pans.bikegal
Thanks for sharing your recipe! You & Martha must be on the same page. Her kids edition has a cookie cake too but it doesn't look nearly as scrumptious as yours. bikegal
I can't remember who did it but there's a fish cake in the gallery. The decorater made the most beautiful fish scales. HTHbikegal
golfgirl, I saw some cupcake tins from England that were more cylindrical. I can't remember where I saw them but they're out there. bikegal
Darra, you did a beautiful job! I also love your bikini ladies, what fun. bikegal
Darra, no problem! Don't forget to post pictures for us.bikegal
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