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I think you're just special. The majority of people don't know how to utilize the internet. With Google, you would think finding info. is foolproof. I spend a lot of time answering inquiries and it can be challenging at times.
I agree with Lisa, go with the tip #3 until you get better at it.
wendysue you could carve a rocket ship. I'd say stack a few 8 or 10 in rounds and carve to look like a rocket ship getting ready to launch. Make some fondant fins/tails sorry my rocket knowledge escapes me at the moment. Cut and laminate a circular picture of your son and buttercream it to the rocket. It will look like he's on the rocket getting ready to launch into space. Just an idea!
jen1977, maybe make your outline with a bigger tip? As a precaution, I make 3 just in case something happens or one doesn't turn out. Keep trying and don't give up! You'll figure out the consistency and eventually figure out how much you can fill without it overflowing.
Sounds like a great idea, I'm in! And bragging rights is a fine prize.
Sory, here's a site with the Hieroglphic Alphabet. Some of the hieroglyphics don't look too difficult to make. You can also make a cartouche of someone's name. So far I have not seen too many Egyptian...
Pam, It should come off easily once it is COMPLETELY dry. I think that's one of my biggest problems is removing my gumpaste flowers before they are completely dried. When they are completely dried I'll touch them lightly and they'll slide off the flower former. Just don't force it, if it doesn't budge it's not ready. HTH!
I know this is probably a bit over the top but I printed an 8 x 10 picture of myself at my heaviest. It's on the front of the refrigerator, it helps me focus on eating healthy and getting back into shape. Definitely not a shot that would ever show up in Cosmo! *grin*
didi5, those are so cute! I love the expressions on their little faces.
Use vanilla wafers for the sand, it's much prettier than graham crackers. Just my opinion.
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