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That's a bummer you must have just missed their sale. When I picked up my Canon you didn't have to purchase a camera for the $70 rebate. But it's always a good idea to read the fine print ladies. bikegal
For those of you still looking at this printer. I stopped by Office Depot and they had it for $99.99 with a $70 mail in rebate. I know a lot of people hate doing the mail in rebates but I've never had any problems with it. bikegal
How about the chocolate relief method in the Whimsical Bakehouse book? I know they did some trees that looked very bonsai-ish. I'm thinking if you did that you would be able to get the look you want easily. It won't be 3D but it would stand up. Just a suggestion.bikegal
a bunch to Lisa and everyone who posted on this thread. I'm all about helping people save money and to find the best deals. I think that's something this thread has done for those of us who haven't made our e.i. purchases yet. It's nice to have someone looking out for us and our wallets.bikegal
Squirrelly,You're a fountain of information, I've read many of your posts on CC & Wilton. To the moderators on this forum, how about more stickies? I think a sticky on marshmallow fondant/red/buttercreamtransfers,etc. would really help the newbies and oldbies. I'm more of a searcher/reader than a poster but I just had to pipe up and say I love stickies. It just keeps everyone sane on forums. bikegal
Hey ladies/gents just a quick question for you. Will the quality/clairity of the edible image be improved with a higher quality printer? I've never worked with frosting sheets before. I have a Canon ip6000 coming and am wondering if I should just save it as a dedicated printer for cake decorating. Hubby picked it up for $75 so I could use it for my photography hobby. Thanks for your help!bikegal
Can you tell us more about it? I live in IL so that would be something I would be interested in going to. What's on sale, etc. thanks! bikegal
I'm glad I didn't buy that turntable! It was between the tiltiing one and the one with a really heavy base. Just curious, do you ladies get the Michael's ad in your local paper? Usually they have a coupon for 40%/50% on one regular priced item in the store. It's great for those big purchases, I only had to pay $30 for my turntable.bikegal
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